5 Top Tips For An Outside Catering Event

There’s a lot to be said for having an event out in the fresh open air. We have a lot of stunning countryside on our doorstep and if you’re truly looking to impress, whether it’s a group of delegates or friends and family on your wedding day, an outside event is a great way to do this. But, of course, there are a few concerns you’ll have to address that you wouldn’t have to consider when holding an event indoors – so have a read of our article before you book outside catering in Lincoln.

Pay close attention to the weather reports

We do live in the UK which means that it can be hot and sunny one minute and then thunderstorms aplenty the next. In the days leading up to your event, check the weather reports religiously and make sure you have a back-up plan in place just in case.

Think comfort

Not only will you need to provide food for your guests, you’ll also need to think about seating and tables. Make sure there’s enough room at the venue of choice to accommodate everyone before you book, otherwise you might find people having to stand – which won’t make a great impression.

Think about the food

Not all food will work as well as others when putting on an event outside. If it’s in the heat of summer, for example, having ice cream on the menu might not be the best idea. So chat to your caterers about what food would be the best to serve on the day.

What about lighting?

You may need to think about this if you’re going to be putting on an event outside at night time. Weddings can often go into the wee hours so make sure the lighting you’ve arranged is suitable to keep everything properly lit until everyone’s gone home. And don’t forget that lighting is also essential for creating a certain kind of ambience, so make sure you pick the right kind to suit your particular event.

Don’t forget the heat lamps

It might also be advisable to have a few heat lamps dotted about so that people can find a source of warmth if they need to – especially important if you’re holding an outdoor event in winter, for example.

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