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At Food Art Catering we provide dishes for customers with allergies and special diet requirements,please make sure you let us know about any allergies as our dishes might contain allergens!
Please note minimum order of 20  persons. If you don't like our flexible menu or would like something different just give us a call and we will work closely with you to create your special event. 

We also provide Premium cold&hot buffet menu upon request!


Per Person

Basic menu

(Choose 2 option on A, 1 option on B, 2 options on C off our buffet option menu)

Per Person

Standard Menu

(Choose 2 options on A, 2 options on B, 2 options C off our buffet option menu)

Per Person

Mighty Menu

(Choose 3 options on A, 2 options on B, 2 options on C from our buffet option menu)

Per Person

Fully Loaded Menu

(Choose 3 options on A, 3 options on B, 3 options on C from our buffet option menu)

Per Person

Sandwich Menu

(Selection of sandwiches, choose 4 fillings from option A served with crisps)

Food Menu: Compose Your own menu, send email or call us!

Option A:

Home-made Sandwiches selections (choice of 4 fillings on 50/50 white/whole meal bread)
(Edam cheese and spicy tomatoes chutney, roasted chicken with mayonnaise and salad, tuna and sweetcorn, Brie and cranberry sauce, egg and cress,  Smoked ham and mustard, Cheese and Ham, Tuna and cucumber, turkey and stuffing with onion, home-made cheese savoury ,Sweet Chilli Chicken and lettuce, cucumber and cream cheese)

Home-made assorted soft mini rolls
(whole meal roll, oatmeal roll, white stamped roll, seeded roll, poppy swirl roll; choice of 4 fillings as above)

Home-made tortilla wraps
(chicken and bacon with salad and light mayonnaise, sweet chilli chicken and lettuce, goat cheese and onion marmalade with wild rocket)

Premium Freshly Baked Baguettes
(white or whole meal baguettes with choice of 4 fillings as above)

Selection of mini bagels
(chive cream cheese and smoked salmon,  Smoked Ham and soft cheese, Edam Cheese and onion marmalade)

► Mini vegetable spring rolls with sweet chilli dip V
(Cooked until crispy with warming sweet chilli sauce)

► Freshly baked Vegetable Samosas with mango dip V
(Cooked until crispy with tangy mango dip)

► Royal Danish Selection V
(Vanilla Crème Crown, Cinnamon Swirl, Apricot Cream)

► Mini Danish Selection
(Pain aux raisin, forest fruit crown, vanilla crown, apple and sultanas diamonds)

► Home-baked sausage rolls in traditional puff pastry
(served pre-cut perfect finger food)

 Vegetarian baked sausage rolls (V, Vg)   
(traditional style light puff pastry vegetarian sausage roll)

► Home made Puff pastry bites with green pesto served with spicy tomatoes salsa V

► Mini Savoury Eggs
(chopped egg mayonnaise in sausage meat and breadcrumbs)

► Selection of freshly baked savoury pastry with dip


Option B:

► Roasted Chicken Portions in one of our home made marinades
(sweet chilli and garlic, smokey barbecue , medium piri-piri and lemon, Italian herbs, Cajun spice)

 Roasted Chicken wings in sticky hoisin and honey sauce with salad garnish
(cooked in the house by us… sweet finger licking dish!)

► Chicken Fillets on the wooden skewers in our own blend of spices served with sweet chilli dip
(chicken fillet strips marinated in spices with dip)

► Mexican Chicken and roasted vegetable mini skewers with salad garnish

Spanish mini Omelettes and tortilla bites with lemon and garlic dip V
(spinach and ricotta, and cheese red pepper)

► Mini Quiche selection V
(tomatoes and basil, cheese onion and chive, Stilton and broccoli, mushroom and cheese)

 Smoked meats selection with salad garnish
(traditionally smoked smoked to perfection! At least 3 kinds of sliced and rolled ham and smoked sausage)

► Roasted and Sliced Gammon in grain mustard and honey glaze
(Cooked to perfection joint gammon in home made glaze...)

Roasted Meatballs and pepper mini kebabs in sticky barbecue sauce  
(mini meatball kebabs, very effective and tasty dish)

► Slow Cooked and shredded pulled pork with home-made   and crusty bread
(amazing dish. Served with all the trimmings on the side and tangy apple sauce)

► Selection Quiche served with salad garnish
(selection of quiche served with a salad garnish)

► Roasted Cocktail sausages in honey, mustard and paprika glaze
(this is very tasty dish for everyone! Golden roasted sausages in home-made glaze)

► Sliced Selection of locally sourced cheese with traditional pickle and biscuits V
(Pre-sliced cheese selection: Cheddar, Brie, Danish blue served with pickle and biscuits! Minimum order 30 portions)


Option C:

► Roasted mixed vegetables couscous with roasted garlic and lemon olive oil V GF

► Potato salad (fillings can be either: Crispy bacon and cracked black pepper mayo, spring onion and mayo, green Pesto and roasted garlic) V GF

► Home-made Coleslaw salad in lightly peppered mayonnaise (our famous Slaw salad…Must try it!)

► Roasted Potato wedges with Mexican seasoning and with spicy tomatoes salsa
(light spice with a little kick to it)

► Tortilla crisps with tomatoes salsa, sour cream and guacamole dip
(light snack, great with sandwiches)

► Roasted new potatoes with garlic mayonnaise
(whole roasted new potatoes in rosemary with home-made garlic mayo!)

► Feta cheese, cherry vine tomatoes, black olive and cucumber salad with dill vinaigrette
(Freshly made, Greek style salad)

► Roasted pepper, red onion, courgettes with green pesto and sweet balsamic reduction
(lightly roasted in red pesto with home-made balsamic reduction)

► Bowl of crisps
(mixed flavours: salted, cheese and onion, salt and vinegar

► Fresh Fruit salad in sugar syrup
(big fruit chunks, melon, pineapple, grapes and apples in our sugar syrup)

► Mini brownie bites with Toffee Fudge Dip
(very good snack for a sweet tooth)

► Home-made scones topped with cream strawberry jam
(ideal for sharing or with tea)

► Fresh dairy cream Profiteroles served with chocolate sauce
(soft pastry, cream and chocolate…)

► Mini carrot cake with Pecans
(Ideal for sharing or a light cake with coffee)



 Cold orange and apple juice served with ice

£1.00 p.p

 Hot water with tea, coffee plus condiments and cups

£1.75 p.p

 Selection of condiments
(tomatoes sauce, mayonnaise, mustard, spicy salsa)

£1.00 p.p

 Side plates with knives and forks

£1.00 p.p

 Food presented on platters, serving dishes, wooden boards etc.

£1.00 p.p

 Side plates with knives, forks and food presented on platters, silver trays etc.

£1.50 p.p


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