Our Barbecue Dishes:

Minute steak
Pork and apple burgers
Caramelised onion and pepper beef burgers
Paprika and garlic pork shoulder
Halloumi and vegetable skewers
Polish sausages
Lincolnshire or caramelised onion sausages
(more flavours available)
Marinated Chicken portions

Fried sauerkraut and onion
Spicy potato salad with salsa
Garden salad
Roasted red onion and peppers in pesto
Sliced cucumber in sweet sour cream
Pickled vegetable salad
Plum tomato and red onion salad

Please note that if there is anything that you would like on your party or event that is not listed above feel free to ask! We can provide themed food or bespoke dishes upon your request. 


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